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Roger Visser is Financial Eagle

Roger Visser is the driving force behind Financial Eagle. A passionate, highly results-oriented and proactive professional with strong analytical skills. Trained in accountancy, including Ernst & Young. After completing his training as a Dutch chartered accountant in 2002, it all began… Roger’s gets his assignments from large corporate organisations, mostly from insurance- and pension companies.  His expertise is requested in:

  • Financial reporting
  • Proces controlling
  • Management accounting

Roger continually takes courses to further his personal and professional development, and to keep up with new trends in his practice area.

Passionate about finance & control

Roger is passionate about financial controlling. He is at his best when sharing his knowledge of financial issues. He sees opportunities for improving the financial reporting function as well as the underlying processes.

Roger gets an energy boost from using his knowledge and experience to coach, encourage and manage people.

I really enjoy my field of work when I am in a coordinating role, being able to focus on financial content and process . Because when I do what I do best, I do what I love most. My clients have a direct benefit from  this mindset. Including myself. In short, this is the basis on my entrepeneurship.


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